Electrical problems

I have been having some electrical problems for some time now. I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica touring awd . The first time that I brought the car into the service department was for interior lights not working. They claim pinched wire 125.00 bucks for diagnosis. The second time was for more electrical problems. The car would not start in the morning and sometimes throughout the day, and the lights would fade in and out at intermittent times. I checked the battery, everything looked ok, except for the positive terminal was so hot to the touch that it would burn you. Brought the vehicle into the service department again, and they said that the battery was bad. 125.00 bucks for the diagnosis and I bought a new battery. Now the problem is back! Lights flicker inside and outside and the battery terminal is hot to the touch. But of course it doesn?t do it when the car is in the service department. This time it was 250.00 bucks! Now it?s back with the same problem, but this time they saw the problem but don?t know what the problem is. Any ideas what it could be?

If a battery terminal is hot it means that there’s a poor connection or something is drawing a lot of current from the battery. And the only thing that can draw that type of current in a car is the starter.


The main cable to the starter solenoid may have a ground through the stud bolt on the solenoid. The head of the bolt on the inside of the solenoid may be twisted and is touching ground. If the whole cable is hot that means the current is flowing through it to the ground point.

What about the lights flickering from time to time? And sometimes they don’t work at all.

REPLACE, repeat, REPLACE the terminal that is getting hot…It is making a poor connection.