Intermittent Brake Problem

I have an intermittent brake noise, which sounds like rubber rubbing against rubber. There is no discernable effect on the brakes, pulling, etc. My mechanic can find noting wrong with the brakes. Any thoughts

Do you mean it makes the noise only when you step on the brake?

Yes, only when there is pressure applied to the break. There is no noticible increase in volume if pressure is increased, the noise just continues. Thanks for looking at this

I would change the brake pads to OEM. Lots of after market pads make noise, especially semi-metallics.

Thanks. Would this explain why the event is so intermittent? I can go a week without it happening.

No. If it were noisy pads, they’d be noisy all the time.

Check behind the dust shields. There might be crud under there that’s from time to time getting knocked loose by the motion of the calipers and making noise.