Intermittant radio

something is loose inside the radio, a wire perhaps, or possibly outside the radio (another wire??) that. is causing the power to the speakers to quit intermittently. This happens sometimes when i hit a bump, sometimes when i turn to the left, and sometimes when i turn the volume up too high. for those wondering, yes, after turning left a right hand turn usually restores power. All speakers are affected. They are either on, which is ideal, or they are all off, which sucks.

Any ideas before i hire the geek squad?

I assume that radio shows no signs of losing power when the trouble happens and if so there may be an external amplifier for the speakers. If there is a seperate amp I would suspect a bad power connection to it. The trouble may also be due to a loose connection to the rear of the radio or a seperate connector to the speakers.

Get behind the radio and wiggle the wires. Disconnect the wire harnesses. Look for signs of corrosion or damage, then reconnect. Do the same if there is an external amplifier.

If this doesn’t help, you may need to replace the radio. It is probably internal.

It was the head unit, something inside not worth looking into further. Installed new Alpine and all is well again. Thanks for the help guys.
cicero, ny