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Intermittant non-start

I have a 1995 Ford F150, approximately

100,000 miles. In general in great shape,

and used very little. Sometimes it sits

3-4 weeks without use.

It starts no problem, and then, after shut-off, will (sometimes) fail to restart. I

have to wait 20-30 minutes before it will

start. Engine turns over, but - no start. Then it re-starts, runs fine, no problems. Not ever driven far, maybe 2-10 miles (farm use, mainly).

Engine is 4.9 liter, 6 cyl. Electronic

fuel injection, not electronic ignition.

Has had a recent tune-up (plugs, wires,

dist.cap/wiring, fuel filter) plus a new

coil assembly & circuit breaker assembly.

Ford dealer said their computer did not show any problems. Still has same problem,

though. Won’t re-start after running for

a while. What’s going on here?

You have certainly taken care of a lot of potentials, but unfortunately not fixed the problem. If you can diagnose it in failure mode, then it is easier to solve the problem. This sounds very similar to other ford fuel pump problems, solved by replacement of the fuel pump.

Could be something like the Ignition Control Module getting hot and not functioning, then working after it cools for 20-30 minutes. And by the way the 1995 4.9 is electronic ignition unless someone has converted it back to the old style points ignition.

Well, whatever the books say, this 1995 F150 does NOT have an electronic ignition, and
the distributor would be surprised to find itself with naught to do. No electronic ignition
on this truck. Has electronic fuel injection, though…and no one has converted it.
I’ve owned it since day one. Control module, hmmmm. Thanks.

Having a distibutor does NOT mean that your truck does not have an electronic ignition. If you look inside the distributor cap and find a set of contact points then your truck does not have an electronic ignition. Otherwise, it does. And the failure you’re descibing does sound like the classic ignition module failure after getting hot.

Ford’s been all electronic ignition since the mid 70s. I think that the OP is trying to say that it is not a distributor-less system.

Yep I’d call it a bad TFI module myself. Two 5.5 mm screws and it’s outta there!