F-150 Intermittent no-start

My truck (’08 F150) will intermittently not start. Runs great for a few days straight then randomly will get crank but not start (never cuts off while driving). Replaced starter not long ago, put a new fuel pump driver module (not the actual pump), had thought that was it for a while but then it didn’t start again the other day. Was going to replace fuel pump but 1) I have no issues when it runs, no hesitation or sputtering, and 2) today I disconnected the battery and ECM relay, waited, reconnected and it started right up and now drives and starts great. So it appears to be electrical, but looking for leads on what specifically. Thanks for any ideas- I appreciate it!

check engine light on? have you scanned for any codes? if the check engine light is not on you should still scan for codes. there might be some soft codes that have not put your check engine light on yet. they might give you an idea of where your problem is.

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Good thinking. No check engine light but here’s what I’m getting from my scanner:


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