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Intermittant fan problem

My cabin fan only works when it wants to. It almost never comes on when I start the car, sometimes starts when I hit 10-15 MPH, or if I hit a bump. But not always. This is no fun and my husband refuses to take it in saying if he can’t find the problem, the mechanic wont be able to either and he doesn’t want to pay several hours wages for “exploration”.


Here is some “exploration” you or your husband can do. Locate the motor for the cabin fan. When it doesn’t come on, tap on the motor with a stick or screwdriver. If the motor comes on, you’ve found the problem. I’ve had the same problem with a couple of my cars.

Any mechanic should be able to pin down the problem without spending several hours, whether it is in the motor or a wiring problem.

The mechanic has (or should have) a lot more experience than your husband. I’ll bet your husband can do a lot of things better than that mechanic.

For one the mechanic, if he or she is any good would know about the suggestions Triedgq made.

One thing I’ve learned on becoming a full-fledged geezer is that there are people who know more and can do things faster than I can and that my time is valuable. I could spend a whole afternoon fixing a problem with my car that an experienced mechanic could take care of in half an hour. I don’t make the assumption that because it would take me 4 hours that a good mechanic would take the same amount of time. His experience, know-how, and training are worth something. My time is also worth something and I would rather pay a mechanic for an hour of his time than to struggle with a job for 4-5 hours when I could be doing something else.

I would suspect the blower relay has a problem with the contacts. It should be under the dash. Tapping on it also while the blower should be running should verify if it is bad or not.