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Intermitent Roaring Noise

Joining the Subaru problems club…

Intermittently our 05 Subaru has a roaring noise like a mud tire on a truck or maybe louder than a snow tire noise. It then goes away. It ranges from 30MPH-highway speeds

The car does has really new(<1000 miles) tires known to be relatively quiet(Continental Extreme Contact DWS).

Is this a wheel bearing noise. I only ask as I have a letter from Subaru extending the warranty on the rear 8yrs/100k.

Wheel bearings would be the first thing that I would check–especially since defective bearings would be replaced at no charge to you.

Does the pitch of the sound change when the steering wheel is moved off-center (i.e. changing lanes)? That’s a good indication of a bad wheel bearing(s). The viscous clutch on my 95 Dakota’s fan would make a roaring noise occasionally, but I assume you have an electric fan on the Subaru.

Ed B.