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Intermitent Air bag warning light

A year ago I replaced radiator, long job in the winter in an unheated garage. After radiator was successfully repalced Air bag warnign light started to come on intermitently. More so in cold wetaher, less so as it warms up. I know you have to be very careful working on air bag system, disconenct battery and wait 10 minutes. I have heard that this is a known problem on Jeeps, this is a 1999 Grand Cherokee with 150,000 miles. I think ti ha ssomethign to do with conenctor in dash, what can I do, car is on its last legs, will not spend money on dealer to fix, ripped off too often during life of car. I am afraid it will not pass Ill environmental test (not related to polution control) I suspect it is setting a trouble code but have not checked as of yet, hasn’t warmed up in Illinois yet this year. Also I wear and trust seat belts.

The Air Bag Sensor / Module Has To Be Located Near The Radiator (To Sense A Severe Crash). Could Be Cooincidence Or The Wiring Harness / Connector Has Possibly Been Disturbed.

The trouble code you’re after probably can’t be accessed with an OBD 2 engine / drivetrain scanner. Have the Body Control Module codes retrieved by somebody with the equipment necessary for this task. BCM codes are a different animal.


I went ahead and looked for TSB’s concerning airbag codes and none exist. You are going to have to do as “CSA” previously stated and see what kind of clues you get in regards to this problem by looking at the proper place in the airbag diagnostic system that came with your car/truck.