what would cause the air bag light to stay on at all times in dash board.1999 jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter inline 6 I have a code scanner there is not any codes. and the jeep has not been work on.

How are you scanning this?

This OP seems to come on this forum every few weeks with a poorly written question and never replies as to weather it helped them or not. I will not call them a troll but another member has.

what would cause the air bag light to stay on at all times in dash board.
The quick and easy answer is something is wrong with the SRS system. Get a scanner that will actually check for these type codes.

This is going to be a “B” code (body code), and your scanner may not be able to read it.
Have the code(s) read and post them.

The light means only that something…something is wrong with the system.
It could be as simple as dirty / corroded contacts in a plug somewhere so the signal is inconsistant.
On a truck that age it could be anywhere. That’s why you start with the codes, it could lead you at least to the particular sensor throwing the code.
Otherwise start tracing the entire system looking for broken wires and un-plugging / re-plugging all the connections.

There’s probably a test the car’s computer is doing on the air bag control circuits which is showing something wrong. A bad connection or a broken wire is probably the most likely cause. But it could be something with the air bag itself. If there’s an air bag in the steering wheel ass’y, that is a likely spot to look for problems as the wiring may go through the clock spring, and wires can get broken or connectors come loose in that area. As mentioned above, you’ll need a scan tool which has the capability to read this type of code, and that may require a visit to a dealer.

thank everyone for your help. it was a bad clock springs.

Glad you got your car back on the road w/the problem corrected! Congrats!