Intermitant problem

The car is an '86 Dodge Daytona. Not a turbo but the 2.5 TBI. When it’s cold the computer throws a TPS code. When it’s hot it goes away. So when it warms up really well the code goes away and the car behaves normally. It’s not the TPS sensor as it’s been replaced. I suspect the harness or a connector with something interupting the path to ground.

Oh yea, sometimes when the code is present the idle will be high and not go down till it decides it wants to but when the code is not there and when it’s behaving normally so does the idle.

Anyone have this issue and how did you solve it.

The problem very well could be in the wiring to the sensor. It most likely ties to the ECU. You will need to find out where the connections go to and check them out. It may be due to a problem with a connector in the circuit.