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Interior lights and tail lights take a long time to turn on after starting car

My interior lights take about five minutes to turn on after starting the car at night. (they don’t turn on during the day) The amount of time varies, but it seems that it may be temperature related, because once they are on, if I make a short stop, they come right back on. It appears that the lower brake lights are affected now as well.

Recently I started to notice a delay in my daytime running lights illuminating as well though this is inconsistant.

It is possible that there is a loose connection that is very close to making contact, and does so once it is warm again, but that seems like a stretch. Any Ideas.

The dealer suggested that it could have to do with an aftermarket bluetooth kit being installed, but I want a bit more ammp before going back to the installer

You should check the battery to chassis ground connection and make sure it is clean and making good connection. I would check the voltage getting to the fuses in the dash and under the hood for those areas while the trouble is occuring and make sure that is ok to start with. Power is being dropped somewhere, either before or after the fuses. The ignition switch may be causing the trouble also.