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Day time running lights

I have a 2007 chev. 1500 that has daytime lighting and lately in the morning only had delayed switching from nighttime lights to daytime lights, the dash lights don’t come to full brightness for maybe 3-6 mi on a bright sunny day other times they work very well. dealer can’t find anything wrong unless it happeneds when it is at the shop any ideas??

Interesting. My 2004 GMC does the same thing. I’m always adjusting the dash lighting.
I don’t have a fix,but i was told, at some point ,that the circuitry has some kind of delay in it.

Might there be a pair of sunglasses or something over the sensor? Mine is a little bulb sticking up from the center of the dash towards the windshield, It should be under warranty, no?

Anytime the DRLs are on, the dash lights automatically dim until such time the DRLs turn off. The delay time is very short.

Same happens when you have been driving in bright sunshine for a while, then go through a long tunnel that requires you have all lights turned on.

There is a 5 to 10 second delay from the time the dash sensor is darkened until the lights come on.

I noticed this the first time I went south to South Carolina through Pennsylvania on I-95 and went trough the tunnel at the top of the mountain.

Nothing wrong, it’s just the way the system works.

If you have a headlight switch, you can turn it on and remember what the ringing bell is for when you park it.