Interference Engine or Not?



Hi Folks, I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid getting close to 100k and would like to know if anyone has any personal experience with this vehicle as far as whether it’s an interference design engine or not. Reason I am asking is because i plan on selling the vehicle within the year and don’t want to spend the $700 Toyota is asking to replace the timing belt if i don’t have to worry about engine damage occuring if the belt were to break. I have spoken with Toyota about this and the dealer states that the engine is non-interference but is unable/unwilling to show me this in writing.


The “right” thing to do if you don’t want to shell out the money is to let the buyer know that it is time for a timing belt replacement. let them decide whether or not to spend the money.


Maybe. Maybe not.

Check here


You can go to the Gates timing belt website and look up you vehicle/engine and see if it’s interference or not. Most Toyotas are not…An independent shop will change the belt for half of that…


Look in your owners manual or the recommended maintenance manual that came with the vehicle. Look for the timing belt maintenance and if it says to replace the belt at a certain interval, then replace it. If it says to inspect it, then its probably a non interference engine. If its not listed, then you may have a timing chain instead.

BTW, I do not have experience with this particular vehicle, however, if it was an interference engine, they usually recommend replacement of the belt at certain intervals, not just inspect. In addition, Toyota had switched most of its engines to chains by 2006, but your dealer should know that.


You wouldn’t want to tell us unimportant details, such as whether it is a four cylinder, or a six cylinder engine, would you?



If yours is 3.3L then it has a timing belt and is not an interference engine.


agreed, that is the right thing to do, and i was not implying that i would not make the purchasing party aware of this fact. however, if i was purchasing a vehicle that was due for a TB replacement but no engine damage would result if the belt did in fact pop, i would be in no hurry to replace said belt. i have never had a TB pop on any vehicle i have owned, but i also don’t want to be stuck with a very expensive repair bill if pistons bend valves.

Gates lists the engine as not being interference.

thanks for all the replies.