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Re timing belt and non interference engine on 2000 Honda Accord

Is there any damage to the engine if the timing belt breaks for any reason on this type of car?



I’m pretty sure they are all interference engines.

Whatever miles you have on this car, it’s 10 years old and you HAVE to change the timing belt according to Honda’s or any other car company’s instructions.

I would also change the belt tensioner and the water pump, if it is driven by that belt. That will make for trouble-free driving for the next 7 years!

Every Honda engine since the late '70s with which I am familiar IS of the interference design.
The engine in this 2000 Accord is an interference engine.
As a result, significant engine damage (probably ~$2,000 to repair) will take place when the belt snaps.

If a mechanic told you that the car has a non-interference engine, I suggest that you not use him for the replacement of the timing belt. If he was this wrong about the design of that engine, the gaps in his technical knowledge may be extensive and you do not want someone like that working on your engine.

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Yes. Big, expensive, internal damage. You’re trying to duck having the timing belt replaced, but you’re gambling.

If the belt breaks the damage will be substantial.

“If the belt breaks…”

This is one point where I am going to disagree with mcparadise.
It would be more accurate to say WHEN the belt breaks without warning.

Or if the water pump fails.


Go to this website by Gates and it will tell you if you have an interference engine: . Looks like your 3.0 liter engine is an interference engine by this chart.

IF the engine was a non-interference engine then YES there would be no damage. First vehicle I ever owned with a timing belt was a 72 Chevy Vega. It was a non interference engine. The belt broke on me once while I was doing 70 on the highway. I coasted off the highway…and luckily I was within 100 yards of a auto parts store. I bought a new timing belt and some antifreeze…was back on the road in less then an hour.

The problem with your statement is that the 2000 Accord IS a INTERFERENCE engine. Sorry…but if the belt breaks…you’ll end up with significant engine damage.

Both the four cylinder and six cylinder engines are interference engines.

the problem here is noone has mentioned what engine it was./ All Honda engines are interference except 3.0L & 3.2 which are Non-interference

depends on what engine is in it
All Honda engines are interference except 3.0L & 3.2 which are Non-interference

Tex , it really does not matter now. The person who asked this question 10 years ago now has a 20 year old vehicle . If they even still have it.

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Gates, maker of timing belts an many other power transmission products, says the 3L Honda engine is interference. Who do we believe?

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the remark does not apply to any year but in general, for a future question, it was not meant to be an answer to that specific post

“Belive no one” fourms are for genral knowleg of what to look for but nothing in automotive work is textbook Murphys laws always applies to automotive. If the belt is off pull the plugs out of the engine and turn it over by hand if it feels like it jams up or hits a spot where it wont turn it is an interference motor but in genarl the more selected private post are usely more accurate than a big corporation that sells parts

Gates is a respectable company that’s been around for a long time

I don’t see any reason for them to put out worthless or incorrect information

Here’s something else to consider, in regards to those look-up charts . . .

There’s no guarantee that whoever’s looking at that chart will buy a Gates belt in the end

I use a Bendix brake look-up chart at work . . . but then we usually go with another brand. I use the charts for dimensions and the D numbers


Similarly, I like to use the Tirerack site for tire info, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I will buy my tires from Tirerack.

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and gates hires a web builder to post their work and them people make mistakes all the time the people that actually do the stuff dont edit the web pages