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Interesting RPO Codes for my Pontiac

I’ve been going through the RPO codes for my Pontiac G6 as listed on the label in the glove box. These are supposed to be the options that were installed at the factory. I ran across a couple that don’t seem to make much sense.

NU6 Emissions system, California PZEV-Maybe the thing was rated for California.
R6F Chevrolet, 10 gallon tank, natural gas vehicle.-I’m quite sure there is not a separate
natural gas tank on the car anywhere.
HP0 Hybrid propulsion not installed-Makes sense because it doesn’t have it.

Just thought it was kind of interesting but never thought an item could be listed on the RPO label and not actually be installed.

Open the hood

Look at the underhood emissions sticker

It should be crystal clear, if the car has California emissions or not . . . I wouldn’t at all be surprised if it does have California emissions

Sometime in the late 2000’s GM was producing some cars that were designed so that they could be converted to run CNG. I was under the impression that is was for fleet vehicles only, but maybe not.

There was some company in Arizona that was doing the conversion.