Interchangeable buick 3.4

i need an engine for an 02 buick rendezvuos 3.4 3400 sle front wheel drive (not all wheel), does anyone know what other gm engines will fit. thanks

Any other 3.4L GMs obviously.

This engine was put in all the GM minivans.

If you go for a used 3.4L make damn certain the intake manifold gasket is of the new type or you’ll be pulling the intake manifold off.

The years 1996 to 2003 were not kind to these engines for that particular problem. No problems after the gasket kit change though.

I changed mine in my '00 Silhouette so I know about that.

Well, any GM 3.4 will fit. In fact, I have the very same engine in my 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo, and it’s front wheel drive. Just make sure if you find the 3.4, be careful about the intake gaskets on it. Mine was a freakin nightmare at first. and it’s a real job to tear into the damn thing and fix that. I still have cuts and scars from that lovely experience!
Good luck!

thanks for the info, i think the intake gaskets were the demise of my engine. somebody filled it full of stop leak and traded it in. by the time that problem showed up it was to late. i am definately going to do intake gaskets… thanks again