Intelligent Key (Nissan)

Intelligent key for Nissan Maxima no longer works when car is in detached garage. Worked many months, and quit suddenly. However, key works everywhere else. Nissan service was unable to determine a cause. Garage has a standard garage door opener; no other electronic or electric equipment in garage.

What is a “standard garage door opener?” Is it an automatic (wireless remote) garage door opener?

Yes, It’s a wireless remote control opertated opener. There is also a key pad on the outside.

Nissan techs even can to the house to verify the problem but did not have any soultions.

Something here is really strange. Are you saying that the key works once ths car is out of the garage ?? If that’s the case, I might try the following : Pinpoint the exact location entering the garage where the problem occurs. For example, does it happen when the garage door is opened and the car is in ? If the car is at entrance to the garage (and not in it), does it work ? If you’re able to pinpoint the exact area it happens at, you may be able to narrow down the cause.

Something around your house, maybe at a neighbor’s, changed all of a sudden, and is creating an interference. Did you buy a new cordless phone, Wifi for the computer, new cell phone, any other wireless electronic device? Even a wireless outdoor weather unit? These devices can send a signal pretty far, and need not be in the garage to cause problems there. My key fob never works when I go to Best Buy, an electronics store near me, no matter where in the parking lot I park. I figure it is interference from something in the store. Works great everywhere else.

try changing the battery? weaker signal can’t get through to the garage?

That was my thought too. The batteries in these keys do need to be changed occasionally.