2009 Rav 4 Airbags

Does anyone know where does the “seat mounted” front airbags pop out from? I asking this question because I want to put a seat cover over my front seats, but I don’t know if that would affect these “seat-mounted” aribags if there is a need for them to pop out. Thanks!

Do place any seat covers on. You will compromise the safety factor and maybe introduce a hazard.

I am very sure that andrew intended to state that you should [u]NOT[/u] install seat covers on the front seats of your vehicle.

The seat-mounted airbags are designed to literally burst through a special seam in the fabric of the seat. Anything placed over the seats will prevent deployment of those side airbags.

The use of seat covers will defeat one of the safety systems that you paid for, and I suggest that you not mess around with the designed-in safety systems on your RAV.

Looking at the brochure I picked up, it looks like it comes out of the seat right around where the arm rest on the door is.