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Intake Valve timing check engine code

After the check engine light came on i had the autoparts store run the computer. I gave an intake valve timing code. What is it and what should i do. ther is no change in the proformance of the car.

What’s the code?
What year Rav 4.
What engine is it?


don’t know the code i read the screen. its a 2003 4 cylinder

It would help a lot to know what the code is. It should be in the format [P1234]

It’d help to have the code, but I’m guessing that your car has variable valve timing and that that’s what is being complained about. These systems don’t give much trouble, but many are operated by oil pressure. Several of the handful of reports I’ve seen posted here with valve timing codes were for cars that clearly had oil pressure problems – either a bad oil pump or were running with way too little oil. So, for starters, check the oil level.

How long has it been since your last oil change?
What weight of oil was put in?
What weight of oil does the manufacturer recommend?

Some VVT systems are oil pressure dependent, and putting oil that’s too heavy sets off the Check Engine Light. Porsche’s are known for this.