Intake runners

Subaru dealer says I need new intake runners both sides for $1400. The check engine light came on about 50 miles ago. 2005 Outback XT, 87,000 miles. I got 232,000 miles on my 1994 Subaru Legacy with no problems. I don’t trust them. Should I?

I wouldn’t. They could do it, the code can return, and then they say “oops” - make up some story and want to charge you another $XX for something else.

You don’t need to use a dealer. Find a good, local, independent mechanic - at the very least to get a 2nd opinion.

Find out what the exact error codes were and post them. (Format “P1234”)

Thanks cigroller. The codes were P2004, P2005, & P2012

You can look for a good independent shop here:

Here is what little I know - P2012 refers to a low circuit issue on the bank 2 runner. That could easily be wiring rather than IMR motor/module itself.

The P2004 & P2005 are about the IMR being stuck open on both banks one and two. (Bank 1 is the bank of cylinders on whichever side of the engine has cylinder 1 / spark plug 1).

Without knowing a whole lot about the subaru IMR system all I can say is that I find it implausible that both banks would stick open together at the very same time if the problem is isolated to the actual runners themselves. Its possible. They’re the same age & have been subject to the same conditions. But skepticism is certainly warranted.

Even if you find another shop and learn that the modules do need to be replaced, it will still probably cost a lot less than at the dealer. If it was me I wouldn’t even assume they need replacement right off. They do get pretty gummed up over time & can be cleaned.