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Air/fuel ratio sensor

I have had three air/fuel ratio sensors replaced on my 2005 Outback within a span of 3 years. The engine is a 4 cyl. boxer automatic. Dealership doesn’t seem to have an answer. Each time it runs me close to $500 for the repair. Anyone know of this happening with other Outbacks? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

How about, don’t go back to that Dealer, sounds like a good suggestion to me.

There’s not enough info known about what codes were present, the line of thinking in the diagnosis, or if you’re talking about replacing the same sensor repeatedly or different ones.

O2 sensors are often misdiagnosed but if these are legitimately failing then it’s likely due to another problem. (raw gas in the exhaust, oil consumption, engine coolant entering the combustion chambers from a leaking head gasket, etc.)

Just heard from the Toyota dealer that my Oxygen sensor must be replaced at a cost of $526 . This on a 2000 Toyota Camry LE. Should I start looking for a new car.

No. You should be looking for a mechanic. Why are you taking an 11 year old car to a dealer?