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Intake Manifold Gasket Installation/Orientation on a BBC

One side of AFR 6855 intake manifold gasket has a thin red bead of sealant. The other side does not. Which side should be in contact with the head?

It should be labeled, but the sealant goes toward the head.

Most of the time when someone uses terms or abbreviations I don’t know I can do a web search but for BBC all I get is British Broadcasting Company. Thinking that everyone knows what you are talking about might not get you the answer you need. Posting the clear descriptions could help more people.

BBC=Big Block Chevy


If Im not mistaken… RTV goes in front and back…the sides are handled by the gaskets… Its the transitions that need it most…from block to head… and you just carry it thru to the other transition. Two Horizontal lines of RTV… one front one back.