Dodge van manifold gasket



Hello everyone, I have a 95 Dodge B2500 with the 5.9 litre V8 and I am going on my fourth intake manifold gasket in two years. The first one was installed in Jan. ‘08’ and then redone in May ‘08’. The third was installed in November ‘09’ and is currently in the shop waiting for the fourth to be installed. My mechanic is very good and very thorough including using a tourque wrench for installation of bolts. Any ideas or suggetions as to why this is happening would truly be appreciated. He used OEM gasket for first and second install and tried a different brand for third. Thanks, Dan.


If either the head or block on this car have been “milled” or re-surfaced the intake manifold may have to be milled to fit. Also check that the manifold sides are flat, straight, and parallel.


What fails?? Water leak, vacuum leak, What? Intake manifold gasket failure on these engines is unheard of…They last the life of the engine…


As far as I know the heads have not been milled. As for the manifold sides, I will mention this to my mechanic. Thanks for your reply. I will update on Monday.


Unfortunately I’ve heard of it four times now. My mechanic tells me it is the gasket that it failing. I see and get antifreeze spillage when it happens. Fortunately I am near his shop when it occurs and am able to drive the van to the shop before anything serious happens. The first two times he replaced with Fel-Pro gaskets the third time with Victor Reinz. Not sure what will be used this time. Will update on Monday, thanks for your reply, if any other ideas or suggestions come to mind please let me know.