Intake manifold and spark plugs

Replaced upper manifold gasket and 1,2,and 3 spark plugs car was running fine before I started can’t get it to run it turns over but dies immediately

Kind of hard to guess what you did wrong without being able to examine the car.

Check to see if you mixed up the plug wires or damaged them. There is not much use in changing only half of the spark plugs. If you can’t do the rear ones, leave it to a pro.

I changed all the plugs I went back and made sure it was plugged up right the intake manifold wouldn’t have anything to do with it not starting

I have no vacuum leak. Everything is connected. Check.

You either didn’t get the manifold gasket on right or you forgot to reconnect a vacuum hose.

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Look at the very back of the manifold. there may be an electrical connection that you forgot to plug back in. or there may be one that got unplugged that you don’t know about.

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When car won’t start (assuming it cranks ok), problem usually one of these

  • no spark
  • no fuel
  • wrong fuel/air mixture
  • cylinder flooded with gasoline