Insurance: 3 yr. inexperienced driver clause?


question: in NY, if you have less than 3 years of driving experience, you pay more on insurance.

my question is that…is that 3 years of lisenced driving? or 3 years of insured driving?

in other words, if i have my lisence for 3 years and dont drive, does that mean that im now “experienced” or do i need to be insured for 3 years for it to be official?


You’ll have to ask your insurance agent. I would bet the 3 years of having a license would count, but insurance companies don’t like people who have not had insurance before. Seriously, if you have insurance they all want you to switch to them, but if you let it lapse because you don’t have a car or whatever, then suddenly none of them want you as a customer.


Your insurance company has no idea if you spent your last three years taking the bus or driving someone else’s insured car. All they know is that you’ve been licensed for three years. Let it go at that. You should not be burdened with the inexperienced driver premium.


Shop around. Practices vary from one company to another. The only thing you want to be careful of is a company that brags about its very low rates. They can be “teaser” rates in that, if anything goes wrong – your fault, someone else’s fault, no one’s fault – they will cancel your insurance. Then, you will have trouble finding insurance at a fair price from any company.


Yes your riskier by statistics.

Having a lapse in insurance whether you own a car or not also counts against you.


In NY it doesn’t matter if you have insurance, only how long you’ve had your license.
It’s called (I believe) “Experience Rating”.
Tickets will count against you, of course. Even parking tickets!
Keep your cruise control on at all will save you gas & speeding tickets!


How come no one has told your insurance commissioner or legislature that parking tickets have nothing to do with the way you drive?

That is too weird.


Maybe they correlate your disregard for the parking laws/fees with your risk as a driver?


It’s three years of having insurance. By brother-in-law ran into this a few years ago. He’s a retired chryco exec and as one of his perks he gets 2 cars leased for him by Chryco every other year. The lease includes all maintenance and insurance. Well he needed a third car so he bought one. And now he needed insurance for it. But because he hadn’t had insurance for 15 years he was put in the high-risk pool…even though he’s been driving all that time and had NO accidents or tickets on his record for over 20 years.


That makes no sense. Don’t alot of NYC residents illegally park and get tickets? and that makes them a bad driver?

CO doesnt require you to have insurance just on your drivers license. The insurance companies cant ding you if you have a lapse of insurance due to no car either so glad we dont live in NY.

Someone really needs to talk to the NY insurance commissioner / legislature about this.


Tickets will count against you, of course. Even parking tickets!

Parking tickets do NOT count against you…EVEN IN NY. It has to be a MOVING violation.


I would have fought this one. Sounds to me like your brother-in-law had insurance. In order for him to drive these leased car he had to be and authorized driver on the company insurance policy. That should mean he was an insured driver. Glad I don’t live in New York.


I would have fought this one. Sounds to me like your brother-in-law had insurance.

Insurance is on the vehicle NOT the person. One of his perks being a Chryco exec was this lease…which included insurance. But the insurance was in Chryco’s name…NOT his…And believe me he did fight it. He own’s a construction company and he actually got the law firm he uses to fight it.