Instrument Panel Cluster

My husband’s truck was losing power although the speedometer continues to climb. The mechanic strongly recommended replacing the Instrument Panel Cluster before proceeding any further to prevent misdiagnosis. There was nothing wrong with the IPC but the problem was with the speed sensor. Of course we had to pay for the IPC but I wonder if it was really necessary to replace it in order to find out what was wrong.

No. I think you need to find a new mechanic. This is an example of “shotgun” maintenance. Throwing parts at a problem can get very expensive as you have found out.

Thanks very much. And, by the way, it was the dealer.

Sounds like some dealers that I know.

You could try and complain about the unnecessary repair to the dealer’s zone office. It probably won’t help, but you might get something.

And, if it’s not under warranty, there is almost no need to go to a dealer if you have a private shop you prefer.