Instrument cluster 96 Jetta GL

Trying to locate an instrument cluster for a 96 Jetta GL. Dealer thinks this might be the problem. Guages flatline for a period of time, come back up, check engine light comes on. Code is for short to ground Car has 109K, don’t want to give up on her. VW does not make this part anymore. None of their ‘technitions’ have ever worked on a car of this age.

I would make sure that the power to the cluster doesn’t have a intermittent problem before saying the cluster is bad. Did the shop verify that?

Not that I am aware of. Other quirk is it seems to flat-line on steep grades, not on flat city streets.

I’d try to find an independent VW mechanic. It’s scary that none of the dealer’s techs have ever worked on a '96.

I don’t think it’s the cluster. I think you’re losing power to the cluster when the short occurs, but the short could be anywhere.

Had an independent VW mechanic previously, they were worse. Sloppy work,no fit and finish. Screws fell out of the steering column due to being too short. Any suggestions for a VW mechanic in Durham North Carolina??? Would love to find one.