Instant Economy Feature in Driver Information Center

The instant economy feature on my 2007 Buick Rendezvous worked perfectly for about 11 months, fluctuating between 15 and 17 MPG. It would increase to around 22 if I was driving on a highway. It now fluctuates between 0.0 and 90.8 all the time–even when I’m driving at a steady 35 or 40. I can’t imagine any condition under which I’d get 90 MPG, but the dealer’s mechanic says it is “working as designed”. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

You want the average fuel economy readout, not the instantaneous one. Your settings got changed somehow. Just change it back.

What NYBo said happens all the time. The switch will help.

Agreed…at times the instantaneous mpg on my '07 Prius reads 99.9, while the average is about 50.5.

Find another dealer.