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Belt tensioner

how do you get to the belt tensioner when there is no room?

Have you looked at a repair manual?

Generally the bolt to release the tensioer will be accessable under the hood but access to the temsioner as a whole requires removal of the fender apron. Room is always tight, but they do sell special tensioner wrenches that squeeze into flat spaces. You can find them at the parts stores…for about $29.

Sometimes you have to get creative.

My 95 Taurus required a 15 MM box wrench to loosen the tensioner.

My neighbor welded an 18 inch piece of scrap metal to my 15 MM box wrench.

Worked like a charm.

thanks I did fnally get to it. I did have the tensioner wrench and after alot of choice words I got it to work and it’s done now. I’ll say this I would like to meet the idiot who came up wth the idea to put the tensioner at the bottom of the motor and kick him right in the head.

It’s all about space. Engine designers have to put the components wherever room exists.

I’m glad you got the job done successfully. Happy motoring

with this design I could show them at 3 better placws to locate it that would have worked better and still stayed within the space.

That’s an idea. I just changed the belt in our Acura and when the tensioner moved back without the belt on, there was no clearance to remove the ratchet and socket without putting the belt back on again. OK for just changing belts but if you had to remove the tensioner you’d be out of luck.

Good neighbor!