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Installing Rear Bumper - 2002 Land Rover Discovery

Can anyone direct me where I can look for installation instructions for a rear 2002 Land Rover Discovery? I have searched all over and can not locate anything. Thank you!


Remove Bumper.

To re-install, reverse the process used to remove it…

That’s about all you are going to find…

Normally that would help but I do not think the car wash’s employee was paying attention when he removed it.

If a car wash employee “removed” the bumper, the car wash’s insurance company should be responsible for replacing it. Let them worry about it.

Otherwise, I suggest you locate and acquire a service manual for your Disco. It will have instructions for proper removal and replacement of the rear bumper, and any other part you may want to remove and replace.


Agreed. The car wash gets to pay to have it fixed. This is going to be more than just “Stick bolts in these holes” since the holes were probably destroyed when the employee ripped the bumper off.

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I have a call with the owner of the car wash this afternoon. There was a crack in the bumper that employee mentioned but as I told him, that had been there for 4 years and I have had numerous car washes during that time…this should be interesting.

If the bumper was damaged, and especially since the employee pointed it out to you, they may not be liable for it. They could say you proceeded at your own risk even after being notified.

I know…will be tough…the employee didn’t point it out to me until after by saying “I saw there was a crack in there”…