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Installing electric wiper assembly

I have a 1959 Jeep CJ5 (12 volt system) that I want to convert the vacuum wipers to a 12 volt electric motor system. I purchased a 12 volt wiper assembly from Auto Warehouse, but they don’t provide installation instructions for the unit. mechanically or electrically. The electric motor for this unit has three terminals, a +, -, and “s”. The unit came with three separate wires and a toggle switch. I want to know how to hook up this motor electrically. I assume the + and - are the 12 volt feed and ground, but I’m not sure of the “s” terminal. I also could be wrong on the + and -. Any help would be appreciated.


I imagine “S” is for 12v+ from the switch. You are corrct about the other terminals. Be sure to put a fuse in the circuit.

That’s correct. The + wire goes to an ignition-switched 12v supply, which we assume is fused. The - wire is ground, and the s wire goes to the switch. Presumably the switch has a second terminal, and this ought to go to ground.