Install new Costco battery in 2021 RX350 and move 2021's battery to 2016 RX350 we plan to sell?

Wife say her 2021 RX350 battery better than Costco battery (manufactured 3-23) I just installed in the 2016 RX350 we plan to sell.


Thank you.

I think she’s splitting hairs.

Having said that…happy wife, happy life.


2016 cranks faster then 2021?

Leave as is means no swapping the batteries. (Both same.)
I just hate to include a brand new battery in a used 367k-mile car we plan to sell.
The 2021 battery is still good.

Seems same to me.

Use a memory saver!

Back in 1951, my dad traded a 1947 Dodge for a 1949 Dodge. A month before he traded the 1947 Dodge, he had installed a new battery. The dealer swapped the new battery in the 1947 Dodge with the battery in the 1949 Dodge my dad was buying. One year later on a vacation trip, the one year old battery failed.
My advice: don’t switch the batteries.


You may have to pay a mechanic to register the two batteries when they are swapped. If that is the case then you wouldn’t do it. Back to the post; the lifespan of a new battery is always a coin toss. 2021 is not too old and the factory uses a better battery. If it’s a Panasonic, leave it alone.

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Thank you.
I would install it myself. Have done all of my battery installations since teens.
Register? We don’ need no stinken’ register.
Shall look to see what she has.
The Costco battery is Interstate®

Buy two and be done with it.

He already has two batteries; one is new and the other is 2 1/2 years old.

The original battery in my 2012 Camry (purchased in 2011) lasted 11 years in western NY. Never got anywhere near that life with an aftermarket battery and I always purchased good ones. It was lead acid, not AGM even though most websites say AGM was original equipment.

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I’d leave the new battery in the car you plan to sell.

A car with 367k miles on it is going to need all the help it can get to get someone to buy it, a new battery isn’t going to hurt.


I concur. If only for the advantages Good Karma brings.

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No such thing as Karma.
But I keep the vehicles in good condition when I sell them - new oil and filter, new air filter, current transmission oil change, good wipers, tires still have good tread.
Wife’s 2021 is an authorized emergencyehicle so best to have the better battery in it.
Replaced the 2016 battery because it did not start when called for a stat bloodelivery. Wife drove her vehicle while I charged the 2016’s battery and later drove it to Co$tco.

While you’re at it, switch out the newest tires, oil &filter, coolant, trans fluid and any other silly thing you can think of.

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The tires are in really good condition.
Maybe I can syphon outhe windshield washer fluid!
Now blood transporto Grand Junction.

Don’t tempt fate by switching around batteries to save a few bucks later. Some odd electrical problem could happen just as you’re trying to get rid of the old one, or to your new one.

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Me thinks the wife does not want the batteries changed because she has seen the goofy stuff RG does that make no sense .


She say 2-year-old Lexus battery better than new Co$tco battery.
With her engineering knowledge she laugh but like my OCD oil change, tires at higher pressures, gently accelerating and keeping the vehicle exterior clean to minimize wind drag. (Sorry abouthe light bar aerodynamic drag.)
She will not allow me to remove the back seats we have never used.