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Car Battery Brands, CCAs, and Warranties

This is for My 2009 Vibe base model.

I went to Valvoline for an oil change, and they tested my car’s battery, it failed. One month shy of being 4 years old. It is an Ever Start Maxx, mad by Exide. The battery measured 565 CCA, while being rated at 750 CCA. I don’t have my light dimming when I use the A/C, or anything else, the electrical accessories all work normally. I also live in the Snow Belt; not winter yet, but…

I’m a bit curious about the ratings I see in Consumer Reports, they do seem to be biased, at times. I almost feel they are advertising some brands, or models; for instance, they gave the Toyota Tacoma a bad rating, partially, due to it’s ride–it is a darn truck people, figure it out!

They did give this battery a “thuimbs up,” and the Interstate battery. Some Interstate batteries are also made by Exide. I’ve been happy with this battery’s performance. Should I trust the test results, at an oil-change center, or go rogue, and get a JC, EP, or another Exide-made battery?

Don’t go to these quick lube places even to use the John!


In a cold climate I can usually tell when a battery is not up to snuff, slow cranking in the winter. In a hot climate they seem to just up and die. My daughters battery in a cold climate I noticed was cranking slow, took it in 65 amps maybe July or so. She made it through the previous winter. The warranties have been no use to me as I have the batteries longer than the warranty. I judge where I buy it based on CCA (cold cranking amps) and price. I am not brand specific. Get a parts store to check it out, You might get another winter or 2 out of it, but if jumping and no start is a deal breaker, might be time to replace it.

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I always buy a battery that has the highest cold cranking amps that will fit in my vehicle.

I also live in the snow belt. And the cold cranking amps is the determining factor whether or not the engine starts when it’s -15 degrees.



They’ve had battery test results in their November issues for years now. No battery brand is consistently rated - each battery size ends up with its own unique array of top- to bottom- rated brands/models.


All I buy anymore is Delco but I did buy one from NAPA on a Sunday morning. They are supposedly better now with their new manufacturer.

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I live in a cold climate. The last time I need a jump was at the end of October, I bought the current battery on the same day. Currently, It cranks normally. I’ll go to Auto Zone for another test.


They seem to like Die Hards, but is any Sears store open these days? They also gave my current battery their highest rating. I had a Die Hard a long time ago, it was a great battery.

Okay, I know the battery group size, so I’ll go from there. Thanks

Like I say, my decision is based on CCA, in fact you could probably go buy a new el cheapo that only had 575 cranking amps.

Ha, ha, I won’t any longer. Thanks for the advice.

Even if you can find a Sears store that is still open, why would you want to buy a battery from a company that was convicted several years ago for selling used batteries, but claiming that they were new?

I have considered AC Delco, but I can only get them from a GM dealership where I live.
I can also go to, and install the battery myself–too dirty. I’ll go to a shop.


Ya hafta remember there are only 3 or 4 battery manufactures with files of different stickers to put on them. Personally I don’t put much stock in CR anymore and cancelled my subscription. Of course others will disagree but I never found them useful for buying cars or dishwashers or paint or anything.


Actually the dealerships are fairly competitive and often will send out coupons for like $125 installed.

The Bg Three are JC, Exide, and EP, with most being made by JC.

I guess that I am too “old-fashioned,” I don’t trust dealerships, but I will look. Thanks you for this advice.

Whoa, I don’t remember reading this story before.

Okay there are a few with 750 CCAs, including the one I have. I’ll continue on the 750 CCA path for my next battery.

Just because you don’t remember it, that doesn’t make it untrue.
If you spend a bit of time “Googling” the key terms, you will see that I am correct.
I don’t make statements that are untrue.