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Inspection - Windshield Wipers

My windshield wipers do not operate at the slowest setting, but they do work on the two faster settings. The windshield wiper fluid will dispense onto the windshield, but I need to turn the wipers on “fast” in order to clean the fluid off the windshield. My question is: will I pass inspection in the state of Massachusetts? It’s >$200 to fix the wiper switch on the steering column.

If you don’t tell them, you will.

If you look at the Mass. state inspection site you will see a list of what they inspect. Also you will see that you have 60 days to repair what failed and have it inspected again for free . After 60 days you will be charged again. As to the question does the variable speed have to work only the inspection station can answer that .

I wouldn’t think the car should not pass inspection if only the low speed on the wipers doesn’t work. My father-in-law had a 1965 Mercury Monterey and the wipers were one speed-- either on or off. Multiple speed wipers were an option. Many Ford products had single speed wipers. These were electric wipers and were an improvement over vacuum wipers.
Many cars back then had two speed wipers. Essentially that is what the OP has now.

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Triedaq: Your post makes perfect sense, but inspection requirements don’t always.
Case in point: My 1982 Cressida failed inspection (New York) years ago, because the right side view mirror glass was missing (it had broken). Mind you, a right side view mirror isn’t even required, but the inspector told me that if it is installed, it must contain a usable mirror. I bought a new mirror, installed it and it passed inspection.
In the OP’s case, some inspector may argue that if a three speed wiper feature is present, wipers must operate at three speeds.
Like another poster here said, only the inspector in the MA shop the OP will be visiting can answer that question.

My 56 Desoto had a rheostat to control the wipers. As many speeds as windings in the rheostat.

Who needs wipers when you have rain x? I jest, though it should hypothetically some states are more picky than others and it cant be said for certain unless told by the inspector. Try calling and asking them.

If you call and ask, they will give you an answer you don’t want to hear.