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Emmisions test and OBD "Readiness"

I finally found and repaired a problem with my 1997 F150 (EGR flow problem). I cleared the code and have driven the truck over 50 miles, on and off the highway, at varied speeds, etc. My scanner now states that the EGR system is “OK” (first time - used to have an error code pop up almost immediately). My question is, when I scroll down and look at the other OBD’s, I notice a couple that are still reading “inc” for incomplete (for example, the “catalyst monitor” still reads incomplete). I’m assuming I’ll fail the state emmisions test until this gets enough info. Does anyone have any idea how long this should take or if I have any problem pending ?? I have no codes at all now and all the other status’s are either “OK” or “n/a”. I would have thought by now (after 50 miles), the OBD would have gotten enough info.

What’s the other incomplete monitor?

The service manual will explain the driving conditions etc. to set the monitors.
Maybe someone at a dealership will look it up for you.

In general the catalyst monitor is set with the engine fully warmed up and driving at a steady moderate speed (~45-60) on flat road for a few miles.

I’d kind of really like to know how you finally solved the EGR problem.

The EGR problem turned out to be that the high and low vacumn lines on the DPFE were reversed. I went back and re-took voltages on them and found out that was the problem. Cleared codes and all set.

I’d have to go back and look, but I think the catalyst monitor may be the only one left as of today.

It would be good to know what state you live in. NY allows one incomplete unless you have a 96 vehicle which can have two.

I’m in Massachusetts. I wasn’t sure about this (how many incomplete’s are allowed). I thought that here in Mass, they used to allow 1 incomplete. A friend told me last week that it changed and they don’t allow any now, but I’m not sure.