Inside Car - Pollution?

Hello! I drive an old jaguar (80s) and feel as if some of the fumes may be entering through the A/C vents. Because I have sinuses I cant really smell well at all, but I was wondering whether exhaust can enter through the A/C vents? Is that possible?

A couple of questions:

What model and year ?

Does the exhaust itself sound a little noisy ?

Jaguars use a cast manifold that hooks up to a pair of downpipes.

The downpipe connectors have an asbestos ring in each coupling, they do deteriorate over time due to engine movement.

The downpipes are secured by studs screwed into the manifold, the nuts can also shake loose or the stud threads can degrade and allow the connecting downpipe to slip. The studs can be a ‘challenge’ to replace.

If you have leakage at this point exhaust fumes can get into the heater / ac induction easily enough.

I’d get it looked at asap.

One last thing, if this is a pre 86 XJ6 series III, make sure you have the correct cranked tail pipes fitted. These are designed to stop exhaust fumes from being pulled back under the rear of the body by the cars ground effect dynamics (a common problem on early series 1 XJs which had straight tailpipes), any suspect rear door seals will allow exhaust fumes to enter the car if you have (the wrong) straight pipes fitted.

Yes, it is certainly possible for exhaust gases to enter the passenger compartment through the intake vents for the A/C system, and these gases can also enter through tiny gaps in the floor of the car. If you have the least suspicion of this happening, you need to have your exhaust system (from the manifold to the exhaust pipe’s outlet) checked out a.s.a.p. Even if you are not showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, long-term exposure to fumes of this nature can lead to brain damage.

Incidentally–everyone has sinuses.


Hello! I have the information on the Jaguar. The Jaguar which is having the polluting problem, I believe, is the 1988, XJ SVI2

Do you know anything about this XJ?

Hello! The Jaguar is a 1988, XJSVI2. And yes, it is EXTREMELY noisy when driving. The whole car is noisy.
I feel tired and have major headaches after driving. The car is also super squeaky with its Brakes. I have been getting by, by keeping the windows open while driving, but I dont think that solves the problem.

From your reply at 8:47 PM Nov 29, I’d say you are being poisoned by exhaust gas from this car. I suggest you stop driving it and get it fixed before your inheritors have to do it. And maybe get a medical check-up to see if you have done yourself any damage.

I am a Paramedic, You have tell tale signs of CO poisoning. You need to stop driving this car no matter how cool it is and get this checked out. Art1966 was right on the money with this one

Ah…a V12.

Then it is almost certainly the down pipe connections to the manifolds on either 1 or both side of the engine. Like Zacko said, get it fixed and don’t drive it until it is fixed.

I wouldn’t worry about squeaky brakes at the moment.

The parts to fix this problem are very cheap and provided the exhaust system isn’t rusted to hell should only take 1 - 2 hours to fix at most. The sealing rings aren’t difficult to replace, but they are awkward to get at and the nuts can be a pain if the studs are badly corroded, if you are doing this yourself, dose the studs for a couple of days repetitively with a good penetrating fluid before trying to shift them.

You’ll need to get down and dirty for this job.

Good luck.