Inoperable hood latch release

The hood latch will not operate. The inner cable is pulled out 3" and hanging there. The hood will not open. One Mech. and one body man have admitted defeat. I am reluctant to use the dealer because of distance and reputation. was marginally helpful.

Does anyone have any helpful hints for this problem on my 2003 Toyota RAV4?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Keep looking.

You may have to remove some or all of the grill, or perhaps try reaching up from below between the rad and the engine.

The hood release cable goes through the firewall and is routed inside the left fender well, it is therefore accessible and you could try a pair of vice grips on the outside cable, the vice grips will need to be tight enough to crush the outer cable down onto the inner cable.

But I have a feeling this won’t work, the 3 inches of cable slack would indicate the cable is detached from the latch. I doubt that you will be able to remove the grille without the hood open therefore your may be better off just cutting the grille out with a jigsaw, you will then be able to access the hood latch from below.

A replacement grille is about $50, a lot cheaper than burning up labor costs.

You could find a car just like yours and look at how the front is assembled. You are going to have to either remove body parts to get to the latch or you are going to reach the latch from below. All cars are different. On a Lexus IS300 the grille covered the mechanism and I was able to unbolt the entire latch from the framework, so when the hood opened the latch went up with it.