Hood jammed shut

2001 Taurus. Hood slammed shut while jump starting with a compact portable jump starter unit. Hood came down on unit. Hood is now jammed shut, cockeyed. Interior Hood release won’t work. Tried pushing down to get it to release, but it’s not budging. No lift available. Help!!!

Pushing down while someone else pulls the release is on the right track. Push with all your weight, even sit on the hood right over the latch while someone else tries to pull the release. Try not to break the release cable.

Otherwise you will have to figure out how to get in from either the front or from underneath. When I had a similar problem I tried to find a similar car and asked to look it over to see a way in. Your other choice is to talk to a body shop and see if they have clues.

My best advice comes from fighting that battle myself more than once. Find a ~2001 Taurus and look under the hood to see just what needs to occur for the hood release to operate and how to best get at the latch. I have sometimes found it possible to reach behind the grill with needle nose pliers but other times found it necessary to remove the grill and even loosen the radiator frame on some cars.

Good advice, Rod. Thx

Thanks a bunch went. We’ll give that a shot.

Had a similar problem on my Corolla just a few weeks ago. Nothing got caught to jam it like that though, just the latch had rusted up a bit and wouldn’t open. I got it to open by rigging up the interior release to stay in the open position, while I worked from underneath the front of the car and also through the grill area to dislodge the hood latch cable from its stuck position. It sounds like you are on the right track, maybe just a little more perseverance along with the ideas above. Best of luck, frustrating problem.

You may be able to release the hood by working up from under the car, and forcing the mechanism.

Thx, George, you’re the best.

On a guy’s pickup once I ended up having to unbolt the hood latch from through the grill, letting the hardware on the other side of the radiator support drop to the ground, and opening it that way. If you can see any of the hood latch bolts or nuts through the grill with a flashlight, it’s a possibility to consider.

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If the latch mechanism is something to be pulled, I’ve once had to use a long piece of plastic line from a weedwhacker to open a hood.
I looped the line, held the two ends and inserted the loop thru the grill to reach, loop over and pull the mechanism.

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I had to do a similar thing on a 90 350ZX. There were 2 bolts I could get to with a very thin open end wrench, and then the hood latch strike came loose enough that I could get in to push the release lever open. Big PITA, though.

You da man, Waterbuff. I’m giving that a shot first thing.

Good luck! (A good flashlight helped me in my case.)

Just my two cents but I suspect the hood release is working just fine but the hood itself is jammed. So while pulling the hood release or bungee the thing, pry up on the hood to unnamed it. Crow bar or what have you, but those large suction cups for carrying glass or counter tops would be great to get a hold of the hood. Maybe hf? It’s not the lock though.

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Right on, Bing. It wasn’t the lock. It was jammed and we were able to get it unjammed. You’re the best!

Good for you OP. Glad you to the stubborn stuck hood problem solved. Good call Bing!

I agree. Great call. Getting to the hood release is truly an ugly job.