Inner tie rod boot

So the other day I was changing out the front inner tie rod end of my 2002 ford escape 4x4 and in order to do this I had to pull the boot off from the inner tie rod end. Well, there was a small metal hose attached to it. That is the only way i can explain it. Anyone know what this is. ???

There are metal hoses that allow the power steering fluid to circulate between the steering rack and pump etc. I expect that tube is one of those. From the diagram I’m looking at it isn’t attached to the boot though. But at least one of them (on what appears to be the passenger side) comes near to the boot. The ones I’m looking at have connectors on them whileyours doesn’t. So you got a mystery on your hands at this point.

I will have to take another picture but on the 2002 ford escape v6 3.0l 4x4 on the front drivers side inner tie rod end boot. There is a rubber nub that sticks out of the back off it facing the engine. When i pulled the boot off, this rod came with it attached to the boot. The whole it feeds into is to dark and to small to tell where it is attached to.

That’s the steering rack bellows vent tube.


This allows the bellows to vent back and forth when turning so as one bellow gets shorter, that air is transferred to the other as it gets longer.



Well, that must be it. Thank you sir. Awesome to find out it will not take much to reconnect. Right on, lol. Glad it’s a simple thing.