Inner fender repair screw hole

My inner fender aroun

d my wheel wall is falling off , it is falling off because the screw holes the inner fender screw too are busted. I bought a new inner fender but i need ideas to be able to screw the new part on.

Can i use something like those brackets to go over the busted screw hole ?

You might try gluing a metal plate on the back of the hole with the correct size small hole drilled in them. Screw it right back on.

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Thank you for fast response

What type of glue? Like gorilla glue?

Use an epoxy.


Or just use a screw, nut and a couple of fender washers

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Or just drill new holes if the original holes are too big. It doesn’t matter if they are in the exact same place as before. Another option is those c clips with the retainer for the screw on them. At any auto parts store. Probably going to help to pull the wheel off to have room to work or here’s a better idea, just let a shop do it. They’ll have everything needed at hand.

Can you post a picture of these clips, I’m considering everyone suggestions . but Can i see what this c clip with retainer looks like?
Thank you

Hardware store, auto parts store, etc. Different sizes for different screws.