Injector cleaners

I have a 1996 toy in very good shape and want to know if adding fuel injector cleaner about evrey 5 or 6 tank fill helps if so any particular brand is reccomended car has 14400mi on it and is maintained according to manual thanks

Can’t hurt, any problem you’re trying to solve? I’ve used Techron.

Every 5 or 6 tanks is overkill. I add a bottle of Chevron Techron or Seafoam to my vehicles about once or twice a year as preventive maintenance.

Ed B.

no problems just tryiny to maintain car for as lomg as possible thanks

My independent BMW mechanic recommends BG 44K twice a year.


Techron once a year works for me.

Sounds to me you are trying to fix a problem that you don’t have. Modern fuels come with all the cleaner injectors normally need. Now if you are buying sub par fuel …

I think what you are doing is overkill. I use fuel system cleaner or fuel injector cleaner with each oil change. I try to alternate between the two. Of course this is no substitute for regularly changing your fuel filter.

not trying to fix a problem just doing maintenace Dont know what sub par fuel is,I use fuel from just a few stations but make sure they are busy there for fuel should be good am I wrong or right thanks to every one

You are wasting your money. If you are using a top tier gasoline with high detergent levels, you need not use fuel additives.

i have a 94 Corolla with almost 200,000 miles on it. I have never used any type of injector cleaners and have never had any related problems. I don’t think that they are necessary.

It doesn’t help. The gas you buy already has sufficient cleaners in it.

But if it helps you sleep better, know that it doesn’t hurt either.