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Initial hesitation when accelerating 2004 Dodge Dakota

I have a 2004 Dodge Dakota quad cab 4x4. I recently had the oil changed, transmission fluid an filter changed, front and rear differentials serviced, replaced the serpentine belt and had the air filter changed. They called to tell me the injectors needed to be cleaned so i told them to go ahead and do that. After getting the truck back I noted immediately an initial hesitation when accelerating. It only happens for less than half a second and once it gets above 1000 rpm runs like a champ. Its only at low rpm does it hesitate. Once when backing up it actually stalled. While at idle it sits about 500-600 rpm which i believe is slightly lower than before I had it serviced. I have never had this problem with the vehicle until after the service was performed. I checked the transmission fluid as I heard that a low transmission fluid level might be the cause. If anything it might have a little too much fluid as it sits above the line slightly. Any insight would be great.

Bring it back and have them recheck their work. It might be as simple as their having bumped the plug for the TPS or left an air path connection loose after replacing the air filter, allowing an air leak.