Inherited car

that’s the car? I thought the poster or OP said his car didn’t look like that. I have that same picture of that weird looking thing.

I saw pictures of this and other weird vehicles in the 70s. The ‘era of funny cars’.

Correct - our car has no hot tub…but it is VERY sharp, so I’m sure any pimp would be proud to ride in it! It is a continental-style sedan. I’ll get some pics soon to post.

so did you find anything more about it? Damn man I’m so curious.

Me, too, bret. Talk to me!

I think I owed you guys some pics. Here are some recent photos of the Cadillac Baywood. If anyone has any other information to share about this model, I’d love to hear from you!

I just came across this post, and I actually know exactly what your car is.

Cadillac had nothing to do with the car. It was solely a project of the Bayliff Coach Corporation of Lima, Ohio, USA. Bayliff was an automotive conversion and customization company that would do whatever the customer hired them to do. They, however, also endeavored to build, promote, and sell products of their own design. The Baywood (the name comes from Bayliff and Fleetwood), was simply their idea to fit then-new Cadillacs with classic era-inspired styling cues.

I do not know how many Baywoods were built, but I’m sure it was few, maybe a couple dozen at the most. They didn’t really catch anyone’s eye. I have a promotional brochure from Bayliff for the Baywood.

The pickup truck/hot tub Baywood that has been mentioned here has been customized by unknown sources even farther than Bayliff orginally did on the car. Bayliff took stock Cadillacs and merely customized them with their classic era-style treatment package. The pickup body conversion on the hot tub car is not Bayliff’s work.

Bayliff is most known for building modern era Packards during the 1980s. I own one of those. Most were heavily customized Buick Rivieras, but a few were also Cadillac based. The Bayliff-Packards were much better received than the Baywood, and a couple hundred of the Packards were built.

Patrick J. Martin

Hi Patrick ,I want to communicate with you and learn more information about Baywood-Bayliff projects.


Thank you, Patrick, for that thorough response! Given that this car was purchased in Columbus, it makes sense that Lima was the home for Bayliff and their modifications.

I’m trying to talk my dad into keeping the car, but he’s thinking of selling it. This design is not everybody’s cup of tea, but it definitely turns heads.