Info PLease pathfinder

1992 nissan pathfinder has a HI + low range four wheel drive, ?? what is the last year that pathfinder had a low+hi range 4wheel drive? Thank you 4 your time

Why do you think that “high” and “low” range 4WD was discontinued? My wife’s 2003 Blazer has both high and low 4WD and I don’t think I’d ever own a 4WD vehicle that didn’t have it. I’m not a big 4WD fan so maybe someone here with a little more insight can give you a better answer.

The 2012 or older Pathfinders came with a transfer case, the 2013 Pathfinder appears to have switched to a crossover type system with no mention of high/low range. The Xterra is still available with a 2 speed transfer case and is marketed more for off road use.

Thanks for writing, Went to and looked at interior pictures, 2wheel and 4wheel control does not have low and hi range

The new Pathfinder is pretty much like the Toyota Highlander. It’s back to unibody…and fwd when in 2-wheel drive.