Infinity - Starting problem

I’ve got an 98 Infinity I30 - 6cyl-24-valve.


Every time I turn the key to start it for the first time, the engine cranks then begins to ‘buck’ as if there is fuel in one or more of the cylinders or the starter is binding…??? The engine cranks for about 5-seconds. I then release the key, and then turn key again to ‘start’ - this time depressing the accelerator peddle about 1/2" to get the engine to start - usually within 5-seconds, and after a partial back-fire. Sometimes I need to try a third time before it starts…

After the engine finally starts, the exhaust fumes smell of gasoline and runs a little rough for a few seconds. After engine is running, everything seems fine.

I haven’t checked MPG yet, but I seem to be using more fuel past 1-week (when prob began).

It happens on cold start, or restart - not dependent on engine temp. However, this problem seems to have started with the colder Fall temperatures here in Rhode Island.

I’ve replaced the air filter, battery, and cleaned Mass Air Flow Sensor with spray cleaner. The RPM’s of the starter seem normal except for when it stalls after 3-4-seconds - at which time I release the key.

Any ideas???

My mechanic said it sounds like a dirty/stuck injector… If the injector is ‘stuck,’ wouldn?t it affect engine performance while driving ???

If injector is dirty/stuck: 1) How do I find it, and 2) How do I clean it ??

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PS: I also noticed if the ignition switch is ‘on’ (but engine not running) and when pressing the accelerator peddle, I hear a ‘clicking’ sound from the engine compartment. I guess it could be the ‘injectors’ firing ???

You almost certainly either have one or more leaking injectors (not stuck open) or a leaking pressure regulator (unless yours is a returnless system).

"How do I find it?"
Easier to just replace all of them.

“PS: I also noticed if the ignition switch is ‘on’ (but engine not running) and when pressing the accelerator peddle, I hear a ‘clicking’ sound from the engine compartment. I guess it could be the ‘injectors’ firing ???”

No, the injectors won’t activate if the engine isn’t turning.

Thanks Tardis - I suspect as you do. However, to replace all 6-injectors is expensive. I think I’ll try a gasoline additive first… Techron Concentrate is one of two mentioned on CarTalk as being effective for injectors.

But first, a word on prevention. In the U.S., most of those generic gas stations with names you?ve never heard of purchase their gasoline from the lest expensive source, sometimes including refiners who, to save a few pennies, may skimp on the engine-protecting detergents added to their product; name brand gasoline filling stations on the other hand are more reliable, many use their ?special? additive cocktail in their sales pitches. A special caution for those driving south of the border: just about the only gasoline you can purchase in Mexico, Pemex, is notorious for not only skimping on detergent but also selling dirty (and even watered-down) gasoline.

In addition to using top quality petrol, be certain to change your car?s fuel filter at least once a year.

But if you definitely feel the need to add additional injector-cleaning detergent to your gas tank, two such products that have been recommended to us are Chevron Techron and BG Industries 44K.

FYI On another subject - CARBON build-up in the combustion chamber I found these stats:


10 Gunk Gas Treatment ?
10 Toluene (a common ingredient) ?
9 Castrol Syntec Power System ?
8 Duralube Fuel System Cleaner ?
7 Gunk Fuel Injector Cleaner ?
6 Redline SI-1 ?
5 Gunk Air Intake Cleaner ?
4 Naphtha (a common ingredient) ?
4 STP Fuel System Cleaner ?
4 Seafoam Motor Tuneup ?
4 Trak Fuel Injector Cleaner ?
4 STP Intake Valve Cleaner ?
4 CD-2 Emission Cure ?
4 Prolong Fuel System Treatment ?
3 CD-2 Fuel Injector Cleaner ?
3 Techron Concentrate ?

Let me know your thoughts about these posts.

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