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Infinity Fx35 2005 strange noise

I am currently living in Turkey. I recently bought an Infinity Fx35 2005. It started making this sound like a box spring being triggered when I slightly take a curve, when I brake, and/or do a brake-curve combo. It’s that “twongggg” sound. After some research on the Fx35, I suspect the power steering pump, but my Turkish mechanics insist it’s just the brakes. They changed the brakes and it’s still making the same noise. I turn to you for help…

Yours truly,

Damsel in Turkey

Without looking at it, it sounds like something is worn in the front suspension. Control arm, ball joint something like that. An automotive shop should be able to easily identify this with an inspection.

No experience w/that make, but as a driveway diy’er, I wouldn’t think of the power steering pump as the most likely cause for that symptom myself. tchmichnorth’s above idea seems much more likely, a suspension system problem. The sound seems like it would be something in the suspension system with a heavy duty spring, like a strut or coil-over shock. btw, you’d get more folks reading this and offering advice if you posted in the “maintenance/repairs” section rather than “show”.

Get your front strut mounts checked. If seized, they won’t be able to turn with the spring, and the spring will then jump in its seating on turns and that can give that “twonggg” sound you are hearing. If not fixed, the spring will break and may cause further damage.
If you can, lift both front wheels off the ground, try to turn the wheels half a turn to either side (engine off). If difficult and the steering goes back to center by it self or you are feeling “bumps” when turning, the mounts are shot.

Thank you. That’s very helpful.