Infiniti Salvage Parts



The cable to my external, side parking light was cut and removed. To have it fixed will require an entire new assembly and labor = $5000. The mechanic told me that if I can find an assembly at a salvage yard I should be able to get the cable to splice into my car ('04 Infiniti G35) for only about $5 (plus a bit for labor). I have called all the salvage yards in the Raleigh-Durham area and none have Infinitis. How do I find one? Can I use a part from a Nissan? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


You might try a site like this:


Thanks for the reply. The website you suggested does not work. Is something missing?


Its not clear to me what part or assembly you are talking about but do a search at There are certainly parts for Inf G35’s listed. Do nation-wide first and then you can narrow it down closer if you want. Are you talking the parking light on the bumper so the whole bumper needs to be replaced or what?


What do you mean by Cable?? you mean Wire Harness??? Very confusing what you’re talking about…