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Infiniti Q45T tank is empty, but won't take gas

Hello Forum, thanks for reading my post.

I was away from my car for two weeks, and it sat in the driveway untouched. When I left it had about a quarter of a tank, and had just come back from the Infiniti dealership for a routine oil change and tire rotation.

When I came back I hopped in and went to fill up. I put in $0.50 and the pump cut off, and gas was spitting out. I figured I didn’t have the nozzle in far enough, but the same thing happened each time. I’ll point out that the tank was not full, thanks to the gas prices being so high, I only put in about $3o at a time, and the gauge has always been accurate and showed 1/4 full.

I had enough gas to get where I needed, and ended up driving about 60 miles, in which time the “service engine soon” light came on.

I drove about 60 miles, then tried to fill up again at a different gas station. Same story, $0.50 or so, and the nozzle shut off.

Any idea? Also, anyone know of a good Infiniti mechanic in or around Boston?

Thanks again.

My guess is a saturated charcoal filter in the evap system.