Fuel Line

I had fuel pump changed few months ago.

Since past change the car shakes(idle or stopped at light) when gas is above half full (as if it will cut off - but never does)from less than half to quarter full card shakes when idle or stopped. From less than half to near empty car does not shake. Lastly from less than half to quarter full smell of gas is inside the car. Spoke to mechanic who fixed does not know problem?

Maybe you thought you were being thorough and precise in your description but that was just plan confusing.

If all of this is only since the fuel pump was replaced - and was there immediately after it was replaced - then this is likely the mechanic’s problem. Something was either not hooked up correctly or was disturbed. If you clarify your “less than half but over a quarter and then if not empty except when part of the way full” confusing type of language then it might help someone be more specific in suggestions.

Just to simplify - the rough idle seems to be more likely when the tank is toward the full side, but it will idle smoothly when the tank is low on gas. In addition, there are times when you are smelling raw gas. Is that about right? I’d be looking at a problem in the evaporation system that would have something to do with raw gasoline ending up in the evap lines.

The problem could be in the evap system, and this needs to be checked immediately. If the system is clogged or plugged up, this could explain your problems. When you remove the gas cap, do you get a noticable release of air? Do you notice a difference if the tank is half full or empty when removing the cap?

Try taking the cap off and driving it. If the problems seem to clear up, there is a problem with the evap system.

Thanks the reply. You understood the problem correctly - it must be evap lines. Will address that to mechanic.