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Q45 dies when not on gas

so my '95 infiniti q45 frequently dies after idling for a few minutes. it will be running fine then start sputtering then sounds very rough and die. also, while driving but not stepping on the gas and when stopped at red lights it frequently dies which is very inconvenient and also dangerous. to get it to start back up i have to start it up and quickly rev the engine for a few seconds. ive had it looked at and the system checked but the results showed no problems. i was told it could be a vacuum leak. any other ideas on what it could be?

The problem might be with the Idle Air Control/Idle Air Bypass valve circuit.

This is mounted on the throttle body, and it’s function is to allow the engine to idle anytime the gas pedal is released. These can sometimes be removed so the valve and idle air bleed port on the throttle body can be cleaned with a throttle body cleaner to remedy the problem. If that doesn’t fix the problem then the valve may need replacement.